Rapid Bed Deployment System

COVID-19 Disaster Management Healthcare Overflow Solution

Kiara Health together with partners BrandKonnect, Hemma Furniture and Xanita, offer an innovative Overflow Rapid Bed Deployment System to support the COVID-19 crisis on the continent. Bed shortages are a reality across the country and finding an urgent solution is a necessity.

Manufactured in South Africa, with your Corporate branding as an option, these beds and partitioning systems can be purchased and donated by you, to meet the demands of large-scale Disaster Management Overflow Centres. The initiative could form part of your organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility during this critical time.

Rapid Deployment

Beds and partitioning are manufactured in a few days and can be rapidly assembled in under an hour. The bed systems are cost-effective and reusable and can be donated to a homeless shelter or care facility after being utilized as part of a Disaster Management Programme.

One of the biggest benefits, is that the eco-friendly bed and partitioning systems are made from recycled wastepaper and can be re-pulped for recycling again, supporting the circular economy.

The systems are currently deployed into Overflow Centres in the United States.

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Flat packed and lightweight, these units can easily be exported

Each bed can hold a maximum patient weight of 200 kg. Cross-contamination risk reduction is a key priority and patient safety is a critical consideration, more so in quarantine zones. Therefore, the bed, partitioning system and waterproofed mattress is designed to be decontaminated with hospital-grade disinfectant or by using Pulsed-Xenon Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection after patient discharge to enable reuse between patients.

Flat packed and lightweight, these units can easily be exported to assist with COVID-19 Disaster Management Centres on the entire African continent.

Kiara Health and its partners will give back by donating a bed to the COVID-19 Disaster Management Overflow Programmes for every 100 beds sold.

For more information, please email: overflowbeds@kiarahealth.com