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Kiara Health (Pty) Ltd

Reg. No. 2011/111283/07

Xenex Pulsed-Xenon UVC Disinfection

Combat Healthcare-Associated Infections with the Xenex Pulsed Xenon light disinfection Robot - proudly distributed by Kiara Health.

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Kiara Medtech (Pty) Ltd

Reg. No. 2016/159555/07

HeRO Predictive Devices

HeRO identifies subtle irregularities in heart rate variability that occur hours and days prior to patient deterioration and provides an early warning of patient distress, including sepsis, NEC, UTI, meningitis, respiratory decompensation, brain pathology, and death.

HeRO Predictive Devices

MAQCARE NiBS (marketed by Kiara Health)

A Bi-level continuous positive airway pressure ventilatory-asset device. For a high-pressured situation when pressure support to minimize the work of breathing is a key normoxemia.

IRIS (marketed by Kiara Health)

IRIS is a compact device for performing real-time nucleic acid amplification. IRIS was created using three-dimensional (3D) additive manufacturing technology and operates via an Android application.